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There is Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth is exclusiveand it is not relative. Absolute Truth is that which constantly reflects actual reality regardless of time and space. Absolute Truth fulfills the three tests of truth in that it is logically consistent, empirically adequate and experiential relevant. It is from Absolute Truth that the thirteen13law comes from. The thirteen13law is just a fragment of the Absolute Truth. It is however an important fragment nonetheless.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Or pondered why you exist and what you were born to do?? Guess what?? You are closer to finding your answers. The thireen13law has changed so many lives and I’m sure it will change yours. The thirteen13 law is an infallible law that has transcended many generations. Famous people that will be forever remembered believed, lived and died for this law. People such as C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther King, Myles Munroe and even the great scientists Copernicus, Galileo and Sir Issac Newton. You are never remembered for what you compromise for but for what you live and die for.

So let’s get right to it. What exactly is the thirteen13law? This is a law that was written by a well educated 1st century Roman philosopher called Paul of Cilicia. He was schooled in the University of Tarsus, which at the time was considered greater than universities in Athens and Alexandria.

It all came about when he decided to communicate this thoughts and unspeakable joy to the Greeks in the city of Corinth after he had a life changing event after encountering the originator of the thirteen13law. In the document which he wrote it contained many deep principles that helped these people shape their lives for greatness and have a deeper sense of purpose. The thirteen13law was contained in that document. This life defining law underpins man’s very existence at that time and certainly even more relevant now. It was found in one of the document’s sections. To be precise in the 13th line of the13th section of that documenthence the name thirteen13law.

What this Roman 1st century scholar wrote was this: “So these three things continue Forever, Faith, Hope and Love, and the Greatest of these is Love“.

Let me break it down the way it has been applied across many generations from as early as 5,000B.C up until now.

F.A.I.T.H Finding Answers In The Hardtimes

Faith is a choice and not a feeling. Never lose faith!! Always focus on something bigger than just yourself. Remember if you focus on the world you will be distressed. Focus on yourself you are bound to be depressed, but focusing on something larger than yourself and something that transcends you will make you be at rest.
Just keep Faith in something much bigger than you. I Mean much BIGGER than you! That way you get through the constant madness and hassle in this current world where it’s all about self-entitlement, self-ambition and mostly self-love. You know those little meaningless things that actually never bring joy in the long run. Never live life being led by your emotions or feelings.

These are always temporary. Be Led By Faith in something that Transcends you. That is always have a transcendent perspective. Stay in the work of Faith. For deep followers of the thirteen13law, faith redefines and is about Finding Assurances In The Highest. The Highest is the Personal, Infinite, Moral, Uncaused First Cause.

H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends
Hope is also a choice and not a feeling. Have hope! Keep holding on the pain will eventually end. As a big researcher into ancient knowledge I have come to realize one basic truth, there’s no situation that seems tough now that actually lasts forever. Remain hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day and guess what it always usually is!

As we have different seasons in a year and with every winter always ushering in lovely spring,+ you need to understand that seasons will always change regardless of what you see or perceive.
It always helps me to remember that this life will ALWAYS have challenges but happiness and being hopeful are CHOICES not merely a state of mind. So make that choice to be happy and remain hopeful. Stay in the patience of Hope

L.O.V.E Life’s Only Valuable Experience
Pure love is a choice not a feeling! It’s a choice that leads to an incredible experience. Whether you show love to others or experience real, pure love, It’s an incredible life changing experience. Pure, Divine love is the kind that shows love to others without expecting any reward for doing so. Showing Love to others and not expecting anything back is the essence of Pure divine love. Simply put, just do good to someone else without expecting praise or adulation for doing it. By showing this kind of love and not expecting anything back. It’s a way of paying love forward. It will come round back to you.

Love in the English language doesn’t quite depict love in its complete, absolute sense. In Greek philosophy, Love is described in its most complete sense. There are four components to it. Philos love (Brotherly love), Eros Love (Romantic love), Storge Love (Protective love: like Father and Mother to their children), and Agape Love (Divine Love from a Personal, Infinite, Moral, Uncaused, First Cause). Divine love usually encompasses all four elements all of the time.

All parts of love must stand together for true love to be experienced. Marriage is the closet union on earth that should in its original sense encompass all four component parts. As we are all aware not all marriages can achieve this hence the reason why they don’t last. The ones that do last have been able to achieve this. However some marriages that do last, still lack the extent of this Pure Love.

It is important however to state that Pure Divine Love isn’t simply just Eros kind of love on telly and social media these days. It’s much deeper and much more complicated than that. Paying love forward is the full essence of this deeper kind of fulfilling love. If this principle has worked since time began then it must be the good, life fulfilling essence of life giving it meaning. It became immediately clear to me that these three things faith, hope and love are actually active choices we need to make rather than just being mere temporary feelings or emotions. Faith and hope are contained in love.

Love is therefore the greatest of the three choices and it is by far the hardest CHOICE to make. It is by far the most rewarding. Do you want to stand out and have the biggest impact on humanity. Just show love, simple as that.
To truly love someone else is a choice that will generate an indescribable force which always leads to a positive change. To do good and not expect anything back is a stronger deep, pure, and divine love. This is actually Love’s true essence. This pure love is about sacrifice and it’s this sacrifice that will make you have the greatest impact possible on humanity as a whole.

Faith, Hope and Love define the most fulfilled and accomplished lives that have ever lived on earth. The wisest King who ever lived on earth around 1035 B.C. knew this and practiced this with all his heart day and night. Why shouldn’t the rest of us practice this and change our lives? The life you live will echo through eternity!

So what is the meaning of life?? It’s Love. Pure, complete love with its four parts. Love paid forward. That is why it is the greatest of these three choices. The greatest use of any life is to show love to others. The greatest show of love is giving your limited time to others. We all have 86400 seconds per day and no more than this. if you give your time, you are showing love……Pure, complete love. It is so fulfilling and adds meaning to life all the same time. This love underpins that time point in history where this kind of love, evil, mercy, justice, and forgiveness existed together without contradicting each other. It is impossible to have all these concepts within the same context without contradictions.

For example, you can not have justice and show mercy. You can not have justice and show love. You also can not have continuous evil and show justice and forgiveness at the same time. However there is a time point that occurred in human history were all five happened at the same space and time with there were no contradictions. This is when Absolute Truth became revealed. This is the core essence and meaning of Absolute Truth which is 100% exclusive and we definitely should all know about it.

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Read the Goodness of YESHUA if you are ready for the next level of Truth.

The Goodness of Yeshua

So what does the thirteen13law have to do with the goodness of Yeshua. The goodness of Yeshua is all about truth through the thirteen13law. Paul of Cilicia encountered Yeshua and understood the deeper meaning of the thirteen13law. The law has existed from when time began. Few understand it, few practiced it. Then Paul got the reveal in the 1st century and made it known to all.

Remember I said the most secure and effective way to have faith is to find answers in the Highest? Who is the Highest? Yeshua is the Highest. He is the one beyond, above and not bound by time. He is the one not confined by space, time or matter. Through him all that is has already been and all that will be has already been.

To sum it up the thirteen13law is a very small part of the complete words of Yeshua written by Paul the Roman philosopher and disciple of Yeshua as inspired by Yeshua Himself. The words of Yeshua were written down to change your life and make your life better than what it is now. The rest of Yeshua’s complete words can be found in the bible. The bible contains the 783137 words of Yeshua. His complete life changing words. In the beginning, He made the heavens and the earth.

All that He made is in 3 parts. Man is in 3 parts, body soul and spirit. Space, matter and time is in 3 parts. Space has length, breath and height. Matter is solid, liquid and gas. Time is yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Trinity of Trinities is also a Trinity. Elohim, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit but one Almighty God, The Highest! Find answers in the Highest.

So who is this Highest also called Yeshua you ask?

Many years ago the Highest came to earth. He was born of virgin birth. Without blemish. He grew up to become a young Rabbi who died at the age of 33 years old for humanity. The world as we know it has never being the same since then. He was the embodiment of Divine Love Himself. He showed so much love that has created a genuine sense of Hope for so many people that have lived and many that are still alive till now. This was over 2,000 years ago but the impact remains.

So why was the death of this Rabbi so significant? He came revealing Truth. Truth about man and man’s purpose for existing. The effect of His death then and on our present day lives cannot be underestimated. He is Truth. So what is this Truth?? Truth is something that constantly reflects reality regardless of time and space. Truth is not just about facts. Facts can change but the Truth never changes.

The very meaning of his Name, Yeshua comprise the words salvation, deliverance and victory.  There is no other individual that has ever lived that has impacted so many through the way He lived and died. His life has brought such genuine hope, restoration and peace to so many lives. Are you worried about life and feeling depressed? Then you are not reading this article by chance. This is an invitation for you to turn your life around for the best. The relationship that Yeshua came to introduce is the answer you need! Yeshua did not come to give you yet another religion.

He came to give you a relationship with your Creator, Himself as the Trinity (Elohim, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit). Yeshua did not die just to give the world another religion. He died to give people a living relationship. One of faith, hope and love as defined in the thirteen13law. Religion has been the number one cause of all the wars on this earth. Yeshua lived and died not for religion but for relationship. Relationship with you.

Focus on the world, you are bound to be distressed. Focus on yourself and you will stay depressed. Focus on having a relationship with Yeshua by believing in Him along with the reason why he died and I guarantee you that you will be at rest. We are all designed to be one with the Creator. The Creator and Yeshua are one and the same.

He died to take us away from constant brokenness and put in His perfect will.  Sin is that constant brokenness. Sin always takes you farther than you want to go, keeps you longer than you want to stay, and costs you more than you are willing to pay.

He wants sin removed from you. Sin leads to the second death. He has made you and all the beautiful things. Man brought evil to this world not Yeshua. Think about it if there’s so much evil in the world there’s bound to be Overwhelming good waiting to counter this evil. Yeshua is that good. He is the Highest. He has written about us all that is to come into existence. He knows where your life should be  and certainly knows where it should go! Imagine that! He is knows your purpose and He has written your destiny.

We are merely on this earth to prepare for eternity. Death is inevitable. All men will die. The question is after death where will we go? Time is just an interruption in this certain eternity. Do you know why we are constantly drawn to the supernatural? Yeshua put this longing on the inside of us so that we are constantly searching and yearning for much more than what you or I have right now. Again all men will die but make sure you die once. There is a second death. Those who die without the knowledge and belief in Yeshua will die twice.

Yeshua is waiting for you. The second death is not meant for you or me. It was not made for mankind. Yeshua is Truth and the truth will set you free. All you have to do is come to him. Just say “Yeshua I need you”. Renounce sin and tell Yeshua to come into your life. He is waiting with out-stretched arms. All you have to do is to accept him into your life and feel the weight drop from your shoulders.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Then say these words……Yeshua I believe you died for me and You came to save me from eternal death. I renounce sin and accept you as Lord and Saviour over my life. Forgive me of all my sins Lord Yeshua and come into my life. Be the Lord of my life now and forever.

Can you feel the release? It’s great isn’t it? Now you belong to Yeshua. He is also called Jesus. Yeshua is his name in Hebrew. What next? Get a bible (NKJV) it contains his words. Every single bit of it. All 783137 words. He’s waiting to speak to you through his words. Download a bible app and immense yourself in your new life. Salvation is free but it was not cheap. Yeshua paid it all just because he loves you.

So what next? it’s time for the RPGs

R: Read your bible everyday                                P: Pray to Yeshua everyday                               G: Go to a living church                                         S: Share your story

Welcome to your new family and the church of the Lord

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How to prevent the second death


Everyone dies. All men must die at least once. What’s important for you to know is that you must not die a second death. I should actually emphasize that again. You MUST NOT die THE second death.

This post is not actually designed to scare you about the death but it is meant to reveal the Truth to you. Death is one of the major things about life that actually puzzles me. We all know about it but everyone avoids talking about it. Like the proverbial enormous elephant in the room called life. All men will die. No one knows when or how. With all the great advances in science there are two things man cannot predict with unerring accuracy, exact time of life and exact time of death.

One thing is sure, you are reading this blog because you are wondering what exactly is this “second death” you heard lately?  The most important thing you can decide today is that when you do eventually die, make sure you die once and once only. Do not die twice!

That is the one aspect of death you have 100% power over. You can stop yourself from dying twice. The second death is the worst kind of death.

Lately I find myself consumed with thoughts of making sure all my actions now and for the foreseeable future are geared toward making sure I do not die a second death. Before you start thinking its all smokes and mirrors the reason why you are intrigued is mainly because the TRUTH is always intriguing. Do you know why so many religions have so many alternative versions about death?? I will tell you but first let me set the record straight that I am no believer in religion. I am just a man of faith. One that believes in Yeshua and what He taught and represents to us all. Believing in Yeshua isn’t about religion. Believing in Him is  about Truth and relationship with Him.

So back to my initial question “Do you know why so many religions have so many alternative versions about death??” Well the simple reason is that there is one true reason about death! Think about this for a second and I’m sure you are clever enough to figure this out. I’ll give you an example. The reason why people try desperately to make counterfeit dollar bills is because there is an original out there. If there is no original dollar bill then there is no need for the various counterfeits. Get it?

Some counterfeits are not great, some are really good but are still counterfeit. Some are so good they evade detection until you realized you have been duped!

Don’t be duped in life. Believe me when I say there’s a second death and you can prevent it-100%. You do need help in achieving that goal though. So what is the second death? Let me remind you that man is body, soul and spirit. Before you start worrying about the spirit aspect of the mortal triumvirate called man, focus on the simple fact that when a man’s spirit is broken he commits suicide.

Back to my explanation. The first death is the physical death of one’s body, but the second death is the eternal death of the soul. How do I know this??

The topmost best-selling book that has dared to predict the future with flawless accuracy says so. What book is that? It’s the bible of course. Of all the spiritual books out there, the bible predicted scientific facts before science predicted it. It is the one spiritual book that has predicted world events that are actually happening. How on earth did the writers know that! There must be a Creator that revealed it to the writers of the bible.

I am now certain that they must have possessed true ancient knowledge that was the real Truth. The bible was written over a period of 1500 years as far back as 4,000 BC till the 6th century (5 A.D). How can it be that with the variety of authors (Kings, a doctor, philosophers, politicians, peasants, and fishermen) they all agreed and converged on the same fact. There is a God (Elohim) and he will destroy all who have contravened his law by the second death. This is mind blowing.

Observe the pre-scientific discoveries made by the bible before science got to it. It really blew my mind.

1. Free floating earth

The book of Job chapter 26 verse 7 written 3500 years ago states: “He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the earth upon nothing.”

The Bible claimed that the earth freely floated in space. Science at that time didn’t exist. Later they thought that the earth sat on a large animal. We now know that the earth has a free float in space.

  1. The importance of blood to life

The book of Leviticus, chapter 17 verse 11 written 3000 years ago states: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood.”

The bible declared that blood is the source of life. Up until 120 years ago, people with illnesses were “bled,” and many of them died because of this practice called blood-letting. We now know that blood is the source of life. If you lose your blood, you will lose your life. George Washington the first American president died of this procedure called blood-letting.

  1. The importance of time, space and matter

It is common knowledge in science that you need time, space and matter for anything to exist. The first sentence in the bible already stated that many centuries ago long before science.

The first book of the bible called Genesis, chapter 1 verse 1 written about 4,000 years ago states: “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth.”

Highlighting the importance of the three, “In the beginning (time) God created the Heavens (space) and the earth (matter).


  1. A spherical Earth

The book of Isaiah, chapter 40 verse 22 written 2800 years ago states: “It is he that sits upon the circle of the earth.”

Circle in this part of the bible is from the Hebrew word ‘chug’ this can also mean circular compass.

  1. The dinosaurs!!

This is one of my favourites. Of course the word dinosaurs isn’t in the bible but the accurate description of the brontosaurus is, absolute fascinating!

The book of job, chapter 40, verses 15 to 24 states:

15“Take a look at Behemoth,

which I made, just as I made you.

It eats grass like an ox.

16See its powerful loins

and the muscles of its belly.

17Its tail is as strong as a cedar.

The sinews of its thighs are knit tightly together.

18Its bones are tubes of bronze.

Its limbs are bars of iron.

19It is a prime example of God’s handiwork,

and only its Creator can threaten it.

20The mountains offer it their best food,

where all the wild animals play.

21It lies under the lotus trees,

hidden by the reeds in the marsh.

22The lotus trees give it shade

among the willows beside the stream.

23It is not disturbed by the raging river,

not concerned when the swelling Jordan rushes around it.

24No one can catch it off guard

or put a ring in its nose and lead it away.


Wow, wow, wow that’s incredible. The Brontosarus was the Largest of all

creatures Yeshua made.

It was plant-eating (herbivorous).

It had its strength in its hips.

Its tail was like a large tree (a cedar tree).

It had very strong bones.

Its habitat was among the trees.

Drank massive amounts of water.

His nose pierced through snares.


There are other examples of pre-scientific facts. It proves that the Creator knows what He created. Yeshua will come again but will you be ready??

Do not die a second death. Yeshua loves you and He’s waiting for you. He’s a Personal, Moral and Infinte God. The Trinity of Trinities.

Do you want to end all your pain and suffering and put all your cares, anxieties and depression on him? Then read on………


Say these words……Yeshua I believe you died for me and You came to save me from eternal death. I renounce sin and accept you as Lord and Saviour over my life. Forgive me of all my sins Lord Yeshua and come into my life. Be the Lord of my life now and forever.

Can you feel the release? It’s great isn’t it? Now you belong to Yeshua. He is also called Jesus. Yeshua is his name in Hebrew. What next? Get a bible (NKJV) it contains his words. Every single bit of it. All 783137 words. He’s waiting to speak to you through his words. Download a bible app and immense yourself in your new life. Salvation is free but it was not cheap. Yeshua paid it all just because he loves you.

So what next? It’s time for the RPGs

R: Read your bible everyday  P: Pray to Yeshua everyday   G: Go to a living church

S: Share your story

Welcome to your new family and the church of the Lord

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